There’s a strong relationship between hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Extremely high blood pressure causes men to experience erectile disorders that make them experience sexual disorders instantly. This condition can stay as long as the man doesn’t change his physical condition. From a study that has been done, at least half of men who experience hypertension in adulthood are more prone to experience impotence. This disorder is even greater if men also have complaints on the penis either due to surgery or certain diseases that kill their sexual ability. However, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction due to improper blood flow in your penis, we suggest you read VigRX plus review and find a supplement that can help you.

Hypertension can cause men to experience erectile disorders because blood vessels become narrowed and some parts harden. This disorder makes it very difficult for men to get blood intake to the penis so that maximum erections can not occur.

Apart from blood vessel disorders that make it difficult for men to get blood supply, drugs consumed by men for hypertension also have an effect. The content of the drug makes it very difficult for men to get an erection and maintain it so that penetration cannot be done smoothly and perfectly.

Some hypertension medications that can cause this disorder are consist of water pill and beta-blockers. Water pills or the like are usually diuretics. Men who take this drug will often want to urinate even though they don’t drink much. This condition is very uncomfortable and can make men difficult to experience an erection while holding the urge to urinate at the same time.

Next is a type of beta-blocker. This type of drug has long since triggered erectile dysfunction, so men rarely use it if not forced. The effects of those drugs might be reduced by taking as prescribed and not using them for too long.

Actually there are several other types of drugs that can be used for hypertension and the effect on reducing erections is quite low. The drugs consist of Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, Calcium channel blockers, and Angiotensin II receptor blockers have low erection reduction effects. You might consult your doctor about this.

So that men do not experience erectile dysfunction, hypertension must be prevented properly. Here are ways you can do so that blood pressure is always normal:

Manage your diet properly and avoid fatty foods and foods that are too salty. It’s better to eat self-cooked food than to buy outside.

If you already eat too much salty food, it’s good to drink enough. With enough water, the level of salt in the body will be stable. In one day, be sure to drink 8 glasses of water.

Do exercise regularly every day or at least 3-4 times a week. When doing exercises, try to have a duration of 15-30 minutes per session.