Digital marketing geo fencing is one of the channels, platforms or machines that move a business whetever it’s big or small

Geo fencing advertising agencies can consider traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, TV and Billboard, digital forms of marketing but in reality digital environments are very different. This geo fencing marketing channel has been Mighty successful over a long period of time but not as effective in modern technology. Geo fencing marketing channels suffer from two major limitations. The first limitation is, traditional channel one – the way of communication and not real time feedback. There must be provisions for dialogue between marketers and customers, who are not in traditional marketing channels. The marketing channel must run 2 ways.

The second limitation is, with the rapid explosion of internet and social media, real-time communication has become an important key. The most traditional channel marketing / platform suffers from being left behind and there is no instant communication. In simple words, Digital marketing geo fencing refers to promoting or advertising delivered through digital channels such as social media, Email, Search Engines etc. to help brands connect with customers and uncover the program’s marketing performance in real time. There are several examples such as email, online advertising, pay per click, wireless text messages, instant messaging, RSS, blogging, Fax, video streams, podcasting, broadcast, etc. These examples are included in the definition of geo fencing digital marketing.

Geo fencing digital marketing assistance monitors things like what is being seen and how often and for how long, what content works and does not work, sales conversions, etc. Digital marketing geo fencing is an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts. There is a large spectrum of tactics that fall under the umbrella of Digital marketing. The following is a quick overview of some of the most common tactics. Search engine marketing: the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites known as Search Engine Marketing. Web design services: Websites are one of the most important media or ways through which viewers or customers can access any information about products, producers or even can buy products online. Because competition and the nature of the business world are very very important and important for every business to increase its presence in the global base. The geo fencing business website makes a first impression about the producer of the viewer of every thought. So website design is also one of the important aspects or elements of geo fencing digital marketing so that it can increase brand presence globally.

This is the reason Charity Run is an activity that attracts the attention of many people

More and more days, more and more people realize that healthy living is important. Therefore, many of them do running. Running now is also done in several events, especially charity events. There is a lot of fundraising that makes running as their social event. However, the event certainly does not run smoothly without someone organizing it. Daniel Ballerini can help you in organizing the event.

In the past few years, many people who like ran because of being an easy and inexpensive sport that anyone can do. So no wonder, if many people, especially in big cities, always take the time to run. Even more running activities were held in various cities. Because of their busy routines and not having enough time to exercise, many of them use this event to make their bodies become healthier and fitter.

This also makes a number of companies or agencies very enthusiastic about holding various running and marathon competitions. In fact, to attract participants, companies or agencies that hold running and marathon competitions also usually carry various interesting themes such as Zombie Run, Color Run, to Glow in the Dark. Not to forget, they also bring a social mission through a run for charity.

Evidently, the proliferation of running activities along with these unique themes managed to attract the interest of people of various ages and circles. This shows the enthusiasm of the residents and companies or agencies that hold running and marathon competitions by carrying out social missions by running for charity activities.

No wonder the event is also favored by all walks of life, ranging from those who are young to old age. This is an event that can be done by many people, including those who are already in old age.

Tips for Caring for Office Carpets

In an era like this there are many offices that use carpets as a substitute for pedestals, because carpets make comfort while walking,  especially carpets made from thick, but many also do not know the importance of caring for the carpet, especially the carpet is very frequent, and do you know that carpet that is not treated other than quickly damaged will also cause disease. Office carpet consists of several types, but it all uses materials or fabric yarn consisting of nylon so that if the carpet is often passed with a high level of activity, it will be damaged. For that, you can use our services, wash professional carpets by reading more here.

Carpets with high usage can be in the corridor, the entrance or the place to the toilet, the location, of course, will often be passed so as to make the fur on the carpet will be quickly damaged and store a lot of dust or dirt, therefore this place or position get special attention besides that , so it needs treatment using a vacuum cleaner, which aims to lift dust and smooth the fur on the carpet. Often we see the carpet in the office a lot of blotches such as ink, spill drinks and even spilled food at once, how to overcome the above is very easy if done quickly, such as stains on the ink carpet that has ink stains must be brushed immediately can use water warm or detergent stain remover so that the ink does not absorb for a long time into the fabric fibers or threads, and for stains on food or drinks can be done brushing immediately using water only.

We never know whether the carpet that looks clean doesn’t store bacteria or fungi much, because some of the office space is absorbed from the sun’s rays so that bacteria and fungi are easily found in the carpet fibers to avoid it, we need to do carpet cleaning, aiming to kill mold or bacteria because washing carpets of course use, shampoo or chemical that can kill bacteria and fungi but not all shampoo or chemical composition of materials capable of killing bacteria and fungi. So we can conclude from the above, how important it is to take care of your office carpet and of course you do not want your carpet to experience rapid damage even, causing seeds of very dangerous diseases, especially in breathing or skin, so wash your office carpet according to your needs and the importance of doing carpet cleaning but you also have to pay attention to carpet cleaning services that you can trust in handling this.

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Maintain Child Safety From All Household Equipment By Doing These Things


you who have children, you will certainly enter the stage where your child feels very curious about all the things that are in your house. At this time you must always be careful with all the items in your house, especially the cabinet. The cabinet in your house must always be locked for the safety of children. Get the key for the cabinet at That way, the child will be safe and will not open the cabinet and can endanger himself.

Parents, on the other hand, as parents, need to provide ‘freedom’ for children to develop their imagination, but on the other hand parents still, need to control so that children are kept safe even in the house.
Safety for them means the prevention of direct and indirect physical safety. Do some of these things to look after the children of all household equipment.

1. Choose furniture for children that are free of hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde (formalin), lead, cadmium or other types of heavy metals. These chemicals are found in the types of MDF material furniture, particle board and in melamine finishing materials, PU (PolyUrethane) and NC.

2. Protect every sharp corner of furniture in your home with rubber protection. These angles cause dangerous collisions on children while playing or taking food at the table.

3. Attach rubber or plastic barriers to the drawers in the kitchen cabinet where you place sharp tools such as knives and scissors in such a way that when children try to pull the drawers, their hands will be blocked in direct contact with the equipment.

4. The cupboard door should always be locked when not in use. This is to prevent children from accidentally grabbing sharp objects in cupboards or certain drugs. It will also be useful to prevent children from being ‘trapped’ in the cupboard. Try to find the type of key that is easy to use for adults but is quite difficult for children.