Fixing a Dent with a Hairdryer

You can use a hair dryer or hair dryer and with the help of carbon dioxide as a way to repair a dented body. You can buy it at the nearest chemical stores. Here are the steps to repair the car body with a hair dryer:

– First, prepare the hair dryer first and a bottle of liquid carbon dioxide liquid.

– Turn on the hairdryer then direct the hot air to the body of the car that has a dent.

– Do it continuously until it feels hot enough. Heating the area will be different from any severe conditions or not the dents of your car. For large dents, it usually takes at least 3-5 minutes.

– After that, immediately spray liquid carbon dioxide on the heated part.

– Then press again until it returns to its original shape.

But actually, this method is quite dangerous. If your car has a dent, it’s better if you visit Auto Hail Repair Denver.

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