This Is The Importance Of Rectal Examination When Diarrhea

As one of the diseases that you cannot underestimate, you have to treat diarrhea immediately when you feel the symptoms. Because, if not handled properly, usually diarrhea will have an uncomfortable impact on yourself. then, all you have to do is know cara mengatasi diare leaflet diare.

When you go to the doctor because of a problem with diarrhea, the doctor will usually do a number of examinations. One of them is a rectal examination. If the patient is over 50 years old or has symptoms of diarrhea that is difficult to heal, the doctor will do a digital rectal examination. The method of examination is done by inserting a finger into the rectum to check for abnormal conditions. This examination aims to diagnose diseases related to the rectum and intestines, so doctors can suspect that the symptoms of diarrhea shown by the patient are actually not just ordinary diarrhea.
Because diarrhea is a serious disease that indicates that something is bad in your intestine, diarrhea should be done in great detail.