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Usually, when a person is diagnosed with a particular disease, there will be feelings of sadness, emotion and even suffering. This can happen, especially when the disease is classified as a chronic and difficult disease to cure. End of life Anxiety is something you must do in order to deal with whatever diagnosis you receive.

Unfortunately, many people do not know the true meaning of anxiety and often ignore it. Anxiety is one of the most common emotional disorders, which are characterized by several emotional and physical symptoms such as fear, panic, nightmares, obsessive uncontrollable thoughts, continuous disturbance with traumatic experiences, sleep disturbances, muscle tension, increased heart rate, sweat cold, and digestive disorders.
The cause of anxiety is difficult to estimate precisely, this is due to the subjective nature of anxiety, namely that the same event is not necessarily felt by everyone. The causes of anxiety that a person feels can be different, ranging from work problems to their health.