Two Types of Paint This Wall Is Much Interested

Home painting is indeed a part that should not be forgotten. Because the color of the wall paint must be adjusted to the type of room so that the room feels comfortable. Services from can help you in the process of painting the exterior of the house. Visit the website and get their services.

Apparently, there are two types of wall paint that are now popular with many people. As

1. Paint the eggshell type wall
As the name implies, eggshell, this type of wall paint has a look that resembles an eggshell. However, the surface is slightly textured but remains smooth when touched. Therefore this type of paint is suitable for use in the exterior, bedrooms and so on.

2. Satin type wall paint
This type of satin paint has a luxurious appearance even though it is not glossy and also not too sticky like matte. If you touch the surface of a wall covered with satin paint, you will feel a soft texture in your hand.