The Importance of Sim Card Registration

To be able to take advantage of the service you can simply find on Baca lebih banyak is making sure that you have the amounts of pulse you can convert. However, it can be another matter if your sim card is blocked. When you have the problem with the registration of sim card, make sure you follow the procedure given by the government. This will enable you not only to enjoy pulse convert service but also other ones as you do when using the smartphone.

The sim card registration is intended so that the government can guarantee the security and legal certainty for consumers, even though currently there are many people who are worried that there will be the misuse of ID number and the family card number included in the registration. However, it should be noted, the government has an agreement among the power holders to anticipate undesirable possibilities. Well, the obligation that requires people to register prepaid cards is the government’s effort to arrange population data towards Single Identity Number.

At the time of re-registration, not a few who felt difficulties because their registration failed, and also troubled for UNREG who had to come to their official provider outlets. The government argues that it does not provide an independent UNREG system for each consumer, because it is feared that there will be the misuse of the system by irresponsible people.

Therefore, for the sake of security, UNREG is conducted at authorized operator outlets. The UNREG feature itself is in accordance with the Information and Electronic Transaction Act. Because, as an electronic provider, operators must provide features to delete and do UNREG.

With the re-registration of the government, it can be ascertained with certainty, the number of numbers that are still active and not used. Actually, this sim card registration has been done since 200, but because it only lists names and addresses, many users are careless when registering. Thus, the data cannot be said to be completely valid, because the number of registered numbers reaches 360 million numbers, which exceeds the population.