This is the way to deal with a damaged smartphone screen according to the type of damage

When you feel that the touchscreen on your smartphone is damaged without a cause that you know, it will be very appropriate if you use services that can fix it optimally and optimally. One of the things you need is pixel 2 x screen repair. With the right services, then you will be able to get the right mobile touchscreen and no damage there.

There are some tips that you can use when your smartphone screen is damaged. Some of these tips are adjusted to the problems that occur on the cell phone.

1. Dead pixels
Dead Pixel is a screen where there are several pixels that die. So, there is a section where your smartphone screen does not turn on normally, such as even a stain or black spot.
If left unchecked, Dead Pixels can spread to other parts and can slowly damage the smartphone screen as a whole. You can use the application, Pixel Fixer that can help you to handle that problem. Download that application to get the right way to handle this problem. The application can run a dynamic light spectrum to stimulate the smartphone screen to respond to all the colors displayed.

2. Scratches
Scratches on a smartphone is a main problem of many people. Though the way to prevent scratched screens is very easy: just install the smartphone screen with a screen protector.
If you already experience this annoying thing, try removing scratches by attaching toothpaste on the screen. Rub into the scratches, let stand for a moment, then wipe with a wet microfiber cloth. Do this method at least 3 times so that the scratches disappear slowly.

That way, you can solve the problem that occurs on your smartphone screen by knowing the type of damage.