Maintain Child Safety From All Household Equipment By Doing These Things


you who have children, you will certainly enter the stage where your child feels very curious about all the things that are in your house. At this time you must always be careful with all the items in your house, especially the cabinet. The cabinet in your house must always be locked for the safety of children. Get the key for the cabinet at That way, the child will be safe and will not open the cabinet and can endanger himself.

Parents, on the other hand, as parents, need to provide ‘freedom’ for children to develop their imagination, but on the other hand parents still, need to control so that children are kept safe even in the house.
Safety for them means the prevention of direct and indirect physical safety. Do some of these things to look after the children of all household equipment.

1. Choose furniture for children that are free of hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde (formalin), lead, cadmium or other types of heavy metals. These chemicals are found in the types of MDF material furniture, particle board and in melamine finishing materials, PU (PolyUrethane) and NC.

2. Protect every sharp corner of furniture in your home with rubber protection. These angles cause dangerous collisions on children while playing or taking food at the table.

3. Attach rubber or plastic barriers to the drawers in the kitchen cabinet where you place sharp tools such as knives and scissors in such a way that when children try to pull the drawers, their hands will be blocked in direct contact with the equipment.

4. The cupboard door should always be locked when not in use. This is to prevent children from accidentally grabbing sharp objects in cupboards or certain drugs. It will also be useful to prevent children from being ‘trapped’ in the cupboard. Try to find the type of key that is easy to use for adults but is quite difficult for children.