The Basic Concept of SEO

Google (and other search engines) is a product. They want other people to be satisfied using their services. Users want the best website relevant to the search to appear on the first page. That’s why search engines always want to display the best results for every keyword entered by a user. So the essence of new york seo is to make your website the best for the keywords you want.

Okay, be the best. But in what aspects?

Content presented
Structure and navigation
User satisfaction (User Experience / UX)

Can my website succeed without SEO? Can. By paying attention to the basic concepts of SEO above, you really don’t need to bother thinking about SEO. Not infrequently people who have popular websites without understanding SEO. This is because search engines are now smart in assuming page structure and website quality. SEO today in practice is more dominant as a marketing business than technical. But, there is a possibility that your website still needs a little more effort from you to succeed. Besides knowing SEO techniques you understand how to create a successful website.

There are many people or companies that offer SEO services, but actually, SEO can also be done by yourself without using services. With the various SEO guides provided free on the internet, you can learn self-taught and apply it yourself. But for the process, it will take time. For websites that are information in a simple structure, you most likely don’t need to use SEO services and just rely on this guide. But if your website has a complicated structure such as an online store or web-app, there is a possibility that you need SEO services to simplify the structure to be friendly to search engines.

There are several main components of SEO, these components will determine how well your website is SEO. This component also determines the ranking order in search engine results. In short, this is what you need to learn to master SEO.

Optimize website pages
Keyword research (Keyword research)
Analyze competition
Create optimized content
Building popularity, links, and reputation
Perform an audit of SEO performance