The very easy way to make a twisted coil

The twisted coil is 2 wires rolled into 1 and used as a coil for a vape. In the world of vape, there are many people who always want to try new things like the use of this twisted coil. I myself also tried to make this twisted coil some time ago because I was curious. Aside from that, you may also need to check out How to Turn Wax into E liquid .

At that time I was constrained by a drill to make a twisted coil. Yes, indeed to make twisted coil from the results of searching on the internet many people use a drill. Because I don’t have it then I use my logic because my brain is still normal. The drill in making this coil is only used to rotate 2 wires into 1. If it is like that our hands can also be used to rotate the 2 wires into 1, to reduce the pain in rotating the 2 wires I use a ballpoint pen.

The following is how to make a twisted coil with the help of a ballpoint pen:

Prepare tools and materials such as ballpoint pens with hooks and wire/wire. Oh yeah, if I used to use a 1 AWG 26-meter wire that I buckled.

Take the wire and attach it to the pocket hook on the ballpoint pen. For example, the length of 1 meter will be bent to 2, the result will be a ½ meter.

Then we hold the end of the wire or attach it to scissors or another ballpoint pen. The important thing is not to move.

After that, we turn the ballpoint pen clockwise using our hands.

Turn it until the wire is integrated.

Twisted wire is ready and ready for the coil.

Review from me:

I used to use 26 AWG A1 series wire which I made into a twisted coil, so after I installed it on the mod and I reset it many times the results were the same. This usage on my mod needs a lot of power to heat the coil, in contrast to the ordinary coil. Because it takes a lot of power to be wasteful of battery electricity. The flavor produced doesn’t suit my taste, I think it’s just tasteless, while the cloud is normal.