Tips for enjoying the trails in Mols Bjerge

It’s true that there are usually some rules that you must follow when you’re visiting a tourist destination, and Mols Bjerge is also the same. That’s why you definitely don’t want to ruin the experience mols bjerge stien for others and also for yourself. That’s why right now, we’re going to share with you some tips for enjoying the Mols Bjerge trails, along with some rules that you must follow.

1. Don’t litter within or around the national park

As you can expect, trashes can be the number one source of the downfall of a national park. Therefore, keeping its condition clean is necessary, so the parks can still be attractive to tourists from the inside or outside the country alike.

2. Mind the floras and faunas in that area

They’re all protected, so you definitely don’t want to harm any of them. Messing with them means you’re messing with the authority, the locals, and also the government. Please mind your behavior during your visit the park.

3. Don’t forget to bring your bike

This one isn’t mandatory, but it can be very beneficial. This vehicle allows you to travel around the park and the town of Ebeltoft easily without contaminating the place with any kind of air pollution.