E-juice Ingredient: Is Nicotine Harmful for Your Body?

If consuming it is not excessive, it will help the body’s immune system to work more perfectly. This is because when the presence of nicotine that enters the body’s immune system will work well so that it will form the body’s immune system continues to develop and the immune system will become stronger. Nicotine is also said to be one of the substances called sedatives. Therefore, of course, this substance will help for the temporal properties of humans more awake.

When talking about nicotine and Turn Wax into E Juice, of course, you have the choice to choose e-juice that does not contain nicotine. In other words, there are no more concerns about the risk of the danger of nicotine entering your body.

When a person sucks nicotine, nicotine will enter the body and will be converted to cotinine in the lungs before it comes out of the body through urine. Nicotine can be detected in blood, urine, saliva, and hair. Nicotine levels in urine are usually not detected within 3-4 days after stopping using products containing nicotine. However, regarding smoking, for passive smokers, nicotine urine tests can be positive for 15 to 20 days.

As good users of electric cigarettes or vapers, we must always be careful in choosing which liquid we will use for our daily setup. Don’t just get carried away by the atmosphere or just follow other vapers who use liquid they like. Because basically, every vaper has their respective interests in liquid.

For this reason, we are always encouraged to better understand the content contained in the liquid so that we are not mistaken in describing it. So that we can be better at getting people to quit conventional cigarettes because we understand what we use. In this case, we talk about liquid content when we use vape.

So, don’t just use vape just to follow the trend. Because vape itself is used as a tool to stop smoking addiction because so far there has been no research that shows that vape or electronic cigarette is harmful to the body.